Peclex Enterprises Limited has been in coffee business since 2010. Our clients are mostly from Europe and Asia and we currently prospecting business in USA.

The overriding priority for our Company is to enhance awareness of the good attributes of Kenya coffee to as many people as possible so that they get to enjoy the finest rich Arabica coffee in the world produced in Kenya for the benefit of all the players in the coffee value chain

About Kenya Coffee

Kenya produces some of the world’s best coffee and is also a leading exporter of Arabica coffee which is well-known for its quality beans. Coffee from Kenya has a distinctly bright acidity and potent sweetness with a dry winy aftertaste. The ripe berries are handpicked and hand sorted, sun dried and processed, thus ensuring that the resultant cup is extraordinarily rich in flavour, deep aroma and full bodied. You can visit our friends and use cheap custom essay service


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